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Civil Litigation


Nobody likes to file or defend lawsuits. Except attorneys. If you're not an attorney you've already experienced a huge inconvenience which resulted in the lawsuit in the first place. Now you have to go to court and worry about being put on the witness stand or listening to your opponent lie under oath. You want a lawyer on your side who will advance your position as aggressively as possible while keeping you informed as to what's happening at every stage of the process. I keep every client current, and make sure they, with my guidance, are the ones deciding if we settle or if we battle in court.

Small Claims



No lawsuit is too small. If you've filed to pursue a remedy in court than the matter is important to you. Just because the goal isn't to recover a substantial amount of money doesn't mean an attorney should treat it as less significant. I handle every case as if it's the most important, because to my clients each one is.


When you've been sued over something that seems insignificant, the consequences could still be detrimental. A judgment against you brings unwanted problems through the enforcement of judgments and damage to your credit. Defending frivolous claims is an important aspect of the legal system, and your lawyer should help protect you from being taken advantage of.

Lemon Law



Buying a new car is exciting and scary. Unless you're a mechanic you don't understand what's happening when it starts making strange noises or leaking fluids. If you've been back to the dealer for the same problem over and over you may be entitled to a replacement or your money back. Just like everything else, there are numerous factors to determine exactly what you'll be entitled to. The manufaturer can deduct a portion of the vehicle's value based on how long you were driving it before the defect occurred. The manufacturer may just take your calls and ignore you. In any case, you want an attorney to make sure you get what you're entitled to as far as a new vehicle or reimbursement. Dealing with car salesmen and dealerships with no experience in the auto industry or legal background can result in a huge disadvantage.

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