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Contract Law


You don't need an attorney to review every document you sign. But sometimes you'd rather be on the safe side, especially when the transaction involved is important, like purchasing or renting real estate. Even when a contract seems straight-forward, a lawyer may be able to alert you to potential conflicts the document doesn't contemplate. A quick review may save money and headaches down the road. In other matters, the review of agreements for business transactions or the transfer of a liquor license may be too time-consuming or complicated, and best reviewed by someone trained to make sure every element is correct.


Ok, now you have a perfectly valid agreement in place, but the other person or business decides they will no longer honor it. In that case you want a lawyer to protect your rights, whether you're dealing with an individual, a landlord, or a business. I have pursued and defended breaches of contracts in court for individuals, businesses, landlords, and tenants. Enforcing contract provisions or seeking damges for their violation is different in every context, and you want a lawyer who handles them consistently in order to give you the best representation possible.

Sales Agreements

Whether you're the seller or the buyer, goods and services trade hands every day. If you don't list the obligations of both parties in writing, there are countless things that can go wrong. I can work with you to tailor each agreement to specific circumstances based on what you need and what you want.


If you already have a written agreement and the other side isn't abiding by it, I can enforce its terms, out of court or before a judge.

Liquor Licenses

The Liquor Control Board controls the ownership and use of liquor licenses in the state of Pennsylvania. There are four ways to acquire a license, and more than 21,000 are issued, renewed, or validated every year. Each transfer is unique and the application process requires several months. You want a lawyer handling the paperwork and ensuring everything is completed correctly in order to avoid costly expenses and delays. Whether you are buying a license for a building you already own, you're buying a building and a license, or you're asking for a new license under new regulations, I can make sure that the process is completed quickly and correctly.

Landlord / Tenant

Almost everyone has rented a home at some point in their lives. And everyone knows someone who has had a problem with the landlord. Landlords also know that tenants can be wonderful or absolute nightmares.


I can review leases from both ends, and generate better leases for landlords looking to protect themselves. When the process breaks down I have represented both sides in the eviction process, recovering damages from both ends when the other side resorts to wrongdoing.


Watch the news every day and it's almost inevitable that you'll see a report about a contractor who took a homeowner's money and then either did unprofessional work or vanished. It's not every contractor, but the few that do it give the rest a bad reputation. Holding those irresponsible few responsible for their actions is the purpose of the Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act. I can make sure that you recover necessary damages and get the work wanted in the first place completed without additional expense to you. Contractors must follow strict rules in dealing with homeowners, and I can help you when that doesn't happen.

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