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My Firm

Whatever your legal needs, you can be assured that they will be met with skill, detail, and professionalism. No problem is insignificant and I strive to make sure that every client feels that they are treated like the most important. Your lawyer should be the bridge, not an obstacale, between your legal problems and the solution you want.

No waiting for a return phone call for days or weeks. No wondering exactly what's happening with your case. No explaining problems or circumstances to a secretary or paralegal. No tricks in billing. You will deal directly with me, and I will handle every aspect of your case from beginning to end in an honest and forthright manner.

A huge knock on the legal profession is the way attorneys treat clients, and specifically the way they communicate.
I try to keep all my clients informed about their cases at every step. If you can't reach me and leave a message, I try to return your call the same day. I don't want my clients complaining to anyone about how they can't get me on the phone for weeks at a time. That reflects poorly on me and on attorneys in general.

Whatever the circumstances, when you need an attorney your life isn't going as planned. If you need help with estate planning, you want to add a member to your family through adoption, you're fighting over the children you already have, or a lawsuit has been filed against you, I can walk you through the entire process. If we're forced into a courtroom I will fight for you aggressively, and make sure you understand what's happening along the way. Your goals become my goals.


If you need an attorney or don't like the one you have, contact me today and I will make sure that if you have any complaints in the end, they don't include your lawyer.

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